As I said in my last post, trying to replace something you can’t eat with something as close to it as possible is a challenge.  This stands for both low carb bread and low carb crackers.

There are some really good gluten free breads around, but finding a low carb bread type thing isn’t so easy.  And it’s almost impossible to find a cracker that cracks.

Most of the trouble is down to the flour.  There are a LOT of alternatives to wheat flour.  But many of them either taste strongly of the thing they are made from (coconut flour, almond flour), are really heavy and don’t bake that well (brown rice flour) or taste like dust (chia flour, quinoa flour).

Many low carb baking recipes use coconut and/or almond flour.  I find both pretty nasty.  I don’t like coconut very much, and almond flour tastes “gritty” to me.  The answer so far has been to find ingredients that are so strong they mask the taste of the flour.  More on this in the My Recipes posts.

As I missed crackers more than bread I started by trying to find something that would be “cracker-like”.  Epic fail.  I’m now exploring the more “exotic” flours to see if I can find something cracker-like that actually crunches, without using so much butter you go into cardio-arrest just looking at them.

Here are two cracker recipes I tried then decided not to try again.

3-ingredient paleo crackers:

wholesomeyum_img_1095-1140x1140The results of this recipe went straight in the bin.  They tasted of almond flour and doom.

Sorry Wholesome Yum.  They may have been wholesome, they were not Yum.

Nice pictures though 🙂




Fathead crackers:


These were ok, but no real “crunch” – no crack, no cracker…

They were edible though.  And cheesy, which helps.

But they didn’t really do it for me.

Next up I will be complaining about no/low carb bread recipes.