1 – Because I’m fat.  Carbs turn to sugar, which turns to fat.  Same with sugar (obviously).  I worry that being overweight will cause problems like a heart attack or diabetes.  I don’t want either.  Also being fat makes my boobs massive and they are bloody heavy.  Carrying them around all the time is not fun despite the fact my husband really really loves them.

2 – Because I have a sluggish thyroid.  I’d say I have hyperthyriodism, but with my TH count at 4.8, I’m in the “normal” range for the UK so don’t get any treatment.   I’d noticed people were saying a low sugar/low carb, paleo type diet was helping to regulate their thyroid so I’m seeing if that’s true.

3 – Because I’ve been reading about the sugar conspiracy in the Guardian.   Experts have been saying sugar is bad for years, but with the prevailing theory being about fat as bad, their voices have been, according to the Guardian anyway, silenced.  People are starting to listen now, in no small way helped by the lovely Michael Mosley and his TV shows.  He has books too – we’ll come to those…

Very few cells in the body can make use of sugar except liver cells. When we eat a lot of sugar, most of the fructose gets metabolized by the liver. There it gets turned into fat, which is then secreted into the blood.

Why put your body through that for no reason? (I know, I know, but cake….).

I’m not a massive sugar fan – I choose cheese over cake and only eat chocolate when I have my period, so giving it up seemed relatively easy.

So that’s why.  The rest of this blog is going to be all about how.