I’m not only doing this eating experiment to lose weight.  I’m doing it to see if it makes me feel better.  But I do want to be less of a porker.  So I’m weighing myself every day to get an idea of my weight loss trend using Libra.

Interestingly when I started eating this way, I put on a fair bit of weight.  Then I had my period and put on even more.  Then it dropped like a stone (well, like 1/2 a stone).  Now I’m steadily losing weight in a less dramatic fashion.

Except…and this is really annoying…I’m putting on up to 6Ibs when I have a period.  Hormonal weight gain is not unheard of.  But 6Ibs in a week is disturbing.

So I’m not obsessing about my weight in terms of pounds lost.  I’m measuring my bust, waist and hips.  So far it’s going off my hips…which is where I don’t need to lose it.